The Challenges of going back to work after the 7th October


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It should have been another day at the office on October 8th

However Israel had just came to a standstill a day earlier.

I, like every other Israeli, was in a state of shock, and horror. How could one possibly concentrate on kids, work-life, even cooking and washing the dishes?


So how did I do it?

For two weeks, I remained at home in our fourth-floor apartment in Tel Aviv with my children and as a single mother to two young children with special needs, it was crucial to keep them engaged and ensure their safety amidst the sound of sirens and their sibling disputes. 

Amidst all this, I also had to focus on managing my business.

With the tourism industry at a complete standstill I had lost clients and my main client was still keeping things above water and I knew I had to help her as half of her team were either called up for reserve duty or unpaid holiday leave so she needed me more than ever. 

So I set up my office on my bed and I did what I had to do while watching the news and getting updates on what was unfolding after that black Saturday.

Those 2 weeks felt like 2 months, but I managed to juggle everything and I know that I had no choice.


I started to think about who would need a virtual assistant now and how will things pick up?

The small business landscape faced significant disruptions in the aftermath of the 7th October attacks, as a considerable number of reservists were urgently called up for duty. This sudden mobilization strained the operational capacities of numerous enterprises, leaving offices with unattended tasks and administrative clutter. 

The absence of key personnel and the ensuing chaos created a pressing need for support.


This is where I can help!

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Small businesses can turn to an online business manager to navigate through the aftermath.


As a  professional in this field, I can assure that I can help with this crucial role of  streamlining operations, managing remote teams, and ensuring that essential tasks are addressed promptly. 

Six weeks after I noticed that more small businesses are going back to the work at home module and I was lucky enough to find 2 new clients who replaced the ones that left so that fortunate feeling has given me more drive to build on this and look at things in a different perspective.


As I pray and hope for better times, there is a sense of coming together and learning that I can do things differently and be successful.

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